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Dissertation style and language 1. Target audience of the dissertation. In order to present our topic at the proper level, it is necessary to know the audience for which we are writing our dissertation, and it is desirable to understand whether we will write dissertations ourselves or use the services of an essay writer ( While it is possible to make our work never be read by anyone other than reviewers, keep in mind that the dissertation is not this for the consultant, not for the opponent. The role of the dissertation is twofold: on the one hand, it is an independent scientific work, on the other hand, an examination material designed to demonstrate: the ability of the candidate to process and formulate a topic related to your chosen field of study, with the need for scientificity. The examinative nature of the dissertation, and even more so its scientific nature, requires that we write as if it were being read by a wider audience than it really is. Also note that we do not know in whose hands it will fall: if it succeeds, then maybe it will be published, but even if it does not appear, it will be placed in the college archives, where teachers and students will then be, they can both get access to it, and use it as a source for their further work. Based on all this, we can say that our dissertation is based on the so-called we write for an educated public, taking into account the level of demands of the audience. In practice, this means a good style dissertation is more demanding on language than an informative letter written by the authors of the essay (which can be found by going to site here ) for non-specialists, but it should remain acceptable even for those who are not experts in this matter, none narrow professional group of insiders. Thus, we should not consider our reader a complete stranger who always says that you should not always rely on your own strength, but rather use college essay writing service for your first work. In our subject, but not all concepts and training of thought should be taken for granted let's look at it, since the topic in a narrower sense, to which our dissertation is devoted, has been investigated and we have shown that we are its experts. It is not easy to balance on this narrow edge.

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